Landmark Beef

Our grass-finished, land-improving Landmark Beef are raised on their natural diet of grasses and clovers. They are never fed grain. Landmark Beef have no added growth hormones or anti-biotics. No chemical pesticides are used on the livestock or on the feed they eat.

Our livestock are managed using planned grazing to mimic wildlife on the land. They aren’t allowed to stay too long in one place and are moved to fresh forage continually. The plants that have been stimulated to grow by the grazing are then allowed to recover and reestablish leaf and roots before been grazed again.

Our animals are treated humanely. We work with them to respond to low stress livestock handling techniques so they move easily and naturally as a herd. They are raised naturally on the land not in confinement.

More on Landmark Beef

Here is more information that might be helpful to know how our beef is raised and why you may want to purchase some.

Taste and tenderness:
Enjoy flavorful, wholesome beef raised and finished on forage not grain. They are handled humanely with low stress livestock handling techniques then aged 14-21 days for added tenderness.

Purchase beyond-organic, land-improving beef at true prices. There are no external costs of soil erosion, water run-off, plant and animal diversity loss that need to be added to the cost of Landmark Beef.

Know your food source:
Know who raises your food and how it is raised. Our beef grow slowly and naturally on pasture. They are raised locally and regionally using the principles of Holistic Management™ (, that is, being raised in ways that are economically, environmentally, and socially sound at the same time.

USDA Inspected:
All our beef are processed and inspected at a United States Department of Agriculture inspected processing plant.

Our beef are vacuum packed in clear plastic or double wrapped in light plastic and white paper for maximum freezer life.



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