Landmark Decisions

Providing educational services through facilitation and training in Holistic Management™, including financial planning, ecosystem processes management, grazing planning, land (infrastructure and landscape) planning, and monitoring in family, business, agricultural, natural resource, and community settings.

We provide training for ranch and farm operations, government agencies, and communities in decision-making, financial planning, grazing planning, and land planning using the principles and decision-making framework of Holistic Management™ ( The training provides private land owners/managers, public natural resource land managers, conservationists, planning and zoning committee members, and county commissioners with the skills to move the land and resources forward toward their desires.

Training includes:

- Improving decisions to move the land and resources toward your   desires
- Learning how to plan for profit
- Knowing where to have your livestock, for how long, and for what   reasons
- Planning for desired soil, water, plant, and wildlife improvements
- Planning for infrastructure development
- Learning how to monitor the ecosystem processes to ensure   progress toward desires

Training length is adapted to the needs of each client. Please contact us with any questions on our educational services



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